Monday, January 28, 2013


Today we had a playdate!

I was so happy to hear that our friend was going to bring her little ones over to play! The last few weeks we were constanly talking about having them over for a playdate but for one reason or another we kept having to reschedule. Gage isn't usually one to share but all three kids did very well together today so we are looking forward to more playdates in the future.

Our activities that I pre-planned for today did not exactly happen. There is always tomorrow right? We thought it was a nice enough day out, at least judging by the feel in my front yard. The case was apparently not the same once we got the kids to the park! It was FREEZING! The boys didn't care, but poor Sissy, she was mad! I don't think it would have been bad had the wind not been terrible. So needless to say our trip to the park was short lived.



Luckily we were able to get back home with all three kids still in great moods and ready to play some more. I sat down with the boys and pulled out some paint and we started to go to town. It was Gabe's first time (atleast that he will remember) painting. We started painting toilet paper rolls first, using cotton balls as our brushes. Gabe loved this but Gage who hates getting his hands dirty was not much of a fan.

The toilet paper rolls were short lived though and I had to pull out paper for them.

A new activity we tried today, and had so much fun with, was an upcycling project. The toilet paper rolls the boys painted and the rest of them that I have collected in our house were put to quite a good and entertaining use today. With a little imagination and some packing tape, I made the boys a marble track.

My original and basic start up:

After I added some blocks for height:
This is what we finished up with. Blocks for height and a sand box landing post. We needed the baking sheets to ensure that the marbles made it to the sand without getting caught on the lip of the tub lid.


They honestly had so much fun with this and I can not wait to try it out again!
I am also very happy to say that Gage is not alone in his love for the sensory activities we do! (I really love seeing not only Gage love the things I make for him, but seeing other children enjoying them as well.)
Sissy LOVED the Colored Soap Bottles:

She also loved the "foam buttons" as I call them. This is another of Gage's favorites. He will arrange all of them any way he can think of and make letter out of them as well.
All three of the kids enjoyed playing in the "sand box" they used farm animals and monter trucks but mostly the just like running their fingers through it. It is amazing how the simplest things can make them so happy isn't it?

We had such a fun and eventful day today, although here at the end we got some rough news. I don't know if I will be posting tomorrow or the next few days for that matter. I am hoping that tomorrow will be another play date and more fun activties but I won't promise I will be blogging about it. Please bear with me and thank you for your understanding. My family is in for one rollercoaster of a week.

Until tomorrow! (Hopefully)


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