Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another late post

I know I said I would be posting earlier in the day but today has just been one of those days! So I apologize. To be honest though part of my debated skipping tonight but the activity we did today was to much fun not to post about and I know if I left it for another day I just flat out would never do it. For some reason that is how I do things. Oh well though, such is life.

Last night we called it a night eary so there was no pre bath time activity. There will not be one on tomorrows post either because today as I said was just one of those days. Here it is 11 p.m. and G just got into bed. He had a rough afternoon with no nap today but passed out around 4 slept til close to 6 so he is just now going to bed. Let me just say this mommy is EXHAUSTED!!

I am sure I have bored you all to death enough for one post so here is there activity we did today. I began to realize that the majority of the activities G and I were doing were art related (painting, making collages, etc.) So today I wanted to switch it up a bit. Today we went with a music activity and G, just like his momma, LOVES music! I myself can not sing, can not play an instrument, I did dance but other than that I got nothing! G will sit with momma while she plays her violin, they both like to sing, we even got G a small little drum kit that he absolutely enjoys! Anyways back to the activity.

I thought it would be fun if we took a few of the instruments that G had lying around the house:

And see if we couldn't come up with other items that we could combine to make something similar:
The outcome was fantastic! (I apologize for not thinking to cover up the product label, hopefully that will not be an issue)

I am too tired right now to go through the entire process of what we did and what we used so I will just post some photos instead.

Oatmeal cannister drum

Poker chips inside tupperwear:

                                                              Beads in tupperwear:

Tupperwear drum set

                                                  Listening to his voice echo inside the pot:

We made a maraca out of a toilet paper roll and some rice.

We also played around with the soda box as a drum, we played with aluminum foil and wax paper. I am sure to G it was all just noise making but I definitely made an effort to explain that each item made different sounds. Regardless though we had a lot of fun. I can't wait until I put more thought into a project like this for a later date!
Mommy's project of the day was making G some file folder paper doll type things. I am not entirely sure what to call them. It took me almost all day (not non stop obviously) to finish them.
Animal desert scene:
Automotive scene:
Ocean scene:

Outer Space:

As time consuming as making these were, I am sure G will enjoy them and that will make it worth it. I have a few more scenes I am planning on making in the near future, maybe tomorrow maybe not. Tomorrow we will see if I am feeling more cheerful these last couple of days have been very blah. So hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Going to continue to think positive! I think that will be all for tonight.

Until tomorrow!

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