Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another combo post (I apologize)

I know, I know. I'm sorry!

Yesterday was quite an eventful day! Due to the holiday Gage's aunt was out of school for the day so she spent it here with us and it made Gage a very happy boy! All of our activities were made longer and he wanted to do everything she was doing. This worked out to be both good and bad.

So our morning started off with brick play it is officially Gage's new favorite thing.

She would build walls and he would tear them down. Most of the time she got annoyed by this but he is 3 and loves being destructive. What can ya do?

Once they grew momentarily tired of playing with the bricks Gage decided he wanted to paint. I pulled out the out of the norm supplies we usually use, but because Auntie was using a paint brush he felt he needed to use one as well, go figure right? All in all he didn't do to bad he mostly just made splotches by jamming the brush down as hard as he could on the paper.

He did use some of our normal tools as well though. Mostly because we hadn't tried the items yet so he gave it a go.

Painting was followed by a snack of jello fingers and some more brick time while mommy basically just sat and did nothing. That felt nice.

Another thing Gage got to experience for the frst time yesterday was sidewalk chalk. We have not yet played with chalk aside from on our walls here in our house. He was very excited to draw all over our driveway. At one point while I was down drawing with them they wanted me to lay down so they could draw me. For some reason I let them! I can't lie though it was quite fun.

And this is the outcome of playing outside in rocks and dirt for 45 minutes. One very dirty little bug!

After outside play it was more blocks and bricks and destruction in my house. Followed by an early bedtime for bug! Mommy and momma were both alright with that!
Today was not as eventful mostly because mommy nursed a headache all day. We still got in our usual morning activity which, as usual, was painting except today we put a new twist on it.

Unfortunately at this point in the activity my camera died but we ended up putting golf balls, marbles, beads, and poker chips in the box with four colors of paint. I taped up the box and let Gage shake it all over. I don't have a picture of the finished product either but he had a blast that is for sure.

Today's other activity was a grow cup. (I am not sure if there is going to be a logo issue here so I apologize ahead of time.)

This was basically our day. I am hoping for a more productive and headacheless tomorrow! We will have to wait and see what happens I guess. Fingers crossed that tomorrow I will be up to making home made paints I will enjoy sharing my experience with that.

Until tomorrow!


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