Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Friday/ Saturday combo post!

I apologize for not posting yesterday, we went to dinner with a family member and things ran way into the night!

So since I did not post last night here is a Friday and Saturday combo! Don't worry though because we didn't do an outrageous amount of activities on either day so this should not be too long of a post! Plus I am tired and not sure how long this can keep my attention.


This is how our Friday looked:

I know it is a sight seen before here on the blog but it is on of G's favorite activities. This time however we did paint with items we had not used previously. The sponges were new as was using tools found in the bathroom. (loofah, scrub brush, q-tips etc.)

So G loved using the sponges. His favorite part was naming off the animals and what sounds they make.

Notice the amount of paint on his shirt, and this was early in the activity! When we started using the bathroom objects he was a little confused at first like knowing that Q-tips are what we clean his ears with but instead we are now painting with them. Once he realized that mommy was using them too and wasn't going to be upset about it, he dove right in!

This is a picture of what I used and how it turned out because he just did not seem to want to use the loofah at all. So for the purposes of showing what it looked like I gave it a try:

After we had our fill of painting we decided to put together a puzzle. Nothing special just your ordinary cardboard puzzle. G still had a blast with it though.

On to Saturday!

Last night I picked up some supplies and ran across a paint set that came with rollers and a few weird brushes. I was curious so we bought it. I am slightly disappointed with the quality I won't lie but I guess G doesn't really know the difference right now.

The rollers didn't quite work as they should have, the stamps on them didn't actually turn out. As I said, a little disappointing.

He did get quite a kick out of the stencils though and I was very impressed by how well he used them too.

(It's a paw print)

So after that was a bit of a bust we went ahead and did something that I have been wanting to do for so long now.

We made a hand and foot picture. We each did our right hand and right foot on paper. Once Baby K is born we plan on making another one with all four! It is going to be so much fun!

G was all for this idea at first until he got it in his head that he wanted to paint mommas hand. Once that idea was there it was almost impossible to get him to cooperate and let me paint his hand. Finally though he decided he wanted his FOOT painted blue which is how the foot part of all of this came about. I would have been just fine with only doing hands but in the end I am glad we did both.

I have decided I won't bore you with the process photos so I will just go ahead and post the finished products!

Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend I know we are! I hope to have something else awesome and fun to post tomorrow!

Until tomorrow!

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