Monday, January 14, 2013

Late run down of today's activities

Sorry this post is coming so late!

So a few nights ago I talked about the fun activity I had planned for bath time. G really enjoyed it! What I did was take duct tape and I created a roadway along the edges of the bath tub for him to drive his cars around. The first thing he said when he saw it was "Racetrack mommy!" I am very glad my bathtub raceway was a hit!

Now on to today's activities! This morning we got back into the flow of doing worksheets each day he gets a little better at tracing lines! I am so impressed by how well he has taken to holding a pencil so quickly.

Anyway. After that we went ahead and tried some maccaroni art. At first all G wanted to do was play with the wheel shaped ones but after a bit I got him interested in telling me what shape he wanted to make and then he started putting the noodles in the glue. He definitely had a blast! After we finished the paper and glue craft we made a necklace out of his favorite wheel noodles!

Once we were done with the noodles I sat G down with his leapster while I went to work on turning an old nasty baking sheet into a magnetic letter board for him. I really love how it turned out too!


After I finished he played with his new board for a while and then played with some of his busy bags while I made dinner. Our final craft for the day before bath time was sand art. This was a first for G and I wasn't sure how it would end up but we both had a blast with it! G loved helping me poor the sand and he really did a wonderful job at it. I am sure that if we had a funnel for him to poor the sand into he could have done it all by himself but because we didn't have one I was happy that he let me help him. I definitely will be doing the sand art thing with him again.

I plan on buying different shaped bottles for the next times we do it. Not only will we be filling bottles with sand again but I plan on using the sand to make picture art as well.

I am so glad that I am able to do all these fun activities with G and I know that he loves it just as much as I do. As always thank you for reading and hope this inspires someone else to have fun like we do! Also if you would like information on the busy bags feel free to comment and ask. I am hoping to eventually get around to blogging about them but I know I will be more inclined to do so if people want to know about them. Time for this tired mommy to get to bed. Goodnight everyone. :)

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