Saturday, January 12, 2013

The rest of the weeks activities!

So here is part 2 of my welcome blog!

On day the third day G and I made some contact paper art. This was an interesting concept that I had read about and I am not entirely sure how I feel about the outcome so we will be trying it again to see if it turns out better. G did have fun with the different kinds of materials that we used for this project though. We used beans, rice, some cheeriohs, some fake flowers, ribbon scraps and paper confetti.

If there are any questions about any of the activities that we do feel free to ask in a comment. This blog is not a how to it is simply documenting the fun we have with our 3 year old daily.

Also on day three we had some friends come over and we hit up some thrift stores where I was able to find a lot of good bargains on many different artful things. I found tons of items that we could use to paint with or to build with all for very very cheap! The most fun aspect of doing these things with G is that while build his imagination I am able to let mine run wild! So after our thrift store shopping we came back to the house and made some wax paper nature art. This was also my first experience with anything like this so I feel like it turned out alright!  I was unfortunately unable to get any photos of this but I will try to get around to shooting a photo of the finished product. The most fun part of this craft for the boys was going outside to gather leaves, dirt and flowers. The rest was left to us moms!

Now we find ourselves at today! Finally! Last night I took a long skinny tupperwear storage bin and filled it with sand. G and I sat down and gathered up the dinosaurs and farm set we had purchased thrifting earlier in the day and also gathered a bunch of his monster trucks up. I use the same sensory bin for each theme I just keep the parts seperated in their own tubs. So monster trucks in one, his farm in another and the dinosaurs in another. He played for quite a while with them last night and then today was right back at it. I have the bin on an old sheet in our front room so it is like bringing the outdoors inside and containing the mess. He is in LOVE with these things! He enjoys setting up the farm and telling me what each animal says and driving the tractor throught the sand. He likes to parade his dinos through it as well with loud, mighty "RAWRS!!!" Of course anyone who knows him will of course know that the monster trucks is his favorite part. Vrooming them through the sand and over the ramp he puts in there. He makes me sit right next to him and play in it all with him as well. It makes my heart so happy to see him having so much fun doing something that I have made for him. These activities literally pull us both away from technology. Me away from the computer and him away from the TV, the iPad or whatever other item he has going at the time.

After quite a fun afternoon of playing in his bins he wanted to pull out the "gone fishin'" busy bag I had made for him and after a few tries he finally got how it worked! He is loving it. We also tried out the pom pom color sort busy bag I put together and once again after he got the hang of it he had a blast. But even up until a few minutes ago he was still playing with his fishin game. I am considering and most likely will post a blog dedicate to the busy bags I have made him so far. But that is for another day I am sure no one wants to see more than two blogs from me today!

A lot of you may be noticing a trend here, playtime in this house is almost always a no clothes affair. The fight is honestly keeping his clothes on. We are lucky that they stay on at the grocery store or anywhere out in public for that matter. Our child hates being confined by clothes. I will be trying a little harder to make sure he has clothes on when I a take pictures of playtime in the future but no promises! Anyways, G is getting some momma time right now as I write this, it is almost bath time and boy do I have something fun planned for that! I will be posting about that tomorrow night along with the rest of our days activities. Although I am not sure how much we will be doing because we have a birthday party to attend. Until then!

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