Sunday, January 27, 2013

Very productive Sunday

Finally organized!!

Today I went on a cleaning frenzy. Which means that Gage was left to his imagination for quite a bit of the day. I was honestly so happy with how he used his time. I mean he is only 3 but instead of sitting and watching TV all day he played with his blocks and his train set. In the midst of my cleaning I walked through the living room and saw that he was building something with his blocks. Now he hasn't actually built anything to big with them yet so I didn't think anything of it but as I walked back through I looked over and saw a castle. I honestly had a very proud mommy moment. My big guy building castles with his blocks with no help. I was beaming. I made momma come a check it out too that is how proud I was.



All by himself!

Anyway I apologize for going on like that! Back to our day. Our bath time activity was a fun one. I have yet to let Gage play with water pouring so I decided bath time would be a good time to try. Everything we used is all things that can be found around the house (aside from the PVC pipe). But we got all of it at the dollar store so that it would be strictly for our activities.

We used a pitcher, a measuring cup, a PVC elbow, a colander, an ice cube tray and a turkey baster.

Eventually we will be doing an activity like this not in the bath tub. Most likely when the weather warms up and we can do it outside. He literally had no desire to take a bath tonight but once he saw that I was headed to the tub with the basket of "toys"he got so excited and then fought me to get out!

Since I finally got the essential areas organized I am going to show them off! Also I am hoping to start watching two children next week so I had to get everything where I wanted it.

The main learning/activity area which is in our front room:
Utilizing space by putting the three drawer upcycling storage bin UNDER the table.

This is the storage area, all kinds of fun things to do on these shelves! You can only see half of the wall but this is also our gallery area.

The futon will be for nap time.

Under the table are the building blocks and bricks as well as some cardboard boxes that will be used for activities down the road. On the table top is all of our paper (butcher, construction, foam sheets etc.) as well as a few other activity objects.

My recyclable/upcycling storage:

Gage's toy area which is in what used to be our dining area:

Unfortunately this isn't even all of his toys. Luckily we are having another little boy so there will be no need to buy anymore of them!
The wall in this area, as I am sure you can tell, is chalkboard as well as the table top. He loves being able to draw on the chalkboard surfaces around the house. (His bedroom door and half of a wall are chalkboard as well.) Small little tour of where most of day happens. If you made it this far then thanks! Time to get my activities for the week planned and then get to bed. Goodnight all.

Until tomorrow!

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