Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hi There!

This blog is going to  document our family adventures mostly focusing around our children. Right now we have a toddler who is 3 we will call G. We also have one on the way, K. In my other blog I focus primarily on my fiance's pregnancy with K, so here we will focus on the adventures we have with G, and they are plentiful! I have decided that at least once a day G and I will be doing some kind of craft or activity that pulls us both away from technology and has us using our hands. We started this two days ago (I have tried a few times to get this blog up and running but the photos won't seem to load.) and so far we have had a blast!

On day one we took various different textured and shaped objects and decided to paint with them to see the outcomes. G had a blast!

To do this we used all kinds of household items. I took a kitchen sponge (new of course) and cut it into shapes. We used one of his legos, an empty paper towel roll, one of his cars and a monster truck wheel. Pretty much anything with a different design we gave a try. He loved the idea of painting with things that we normally don't paint with.

On the second day I built him a rubber band board out of nails and a piece of wood. It took him a little while to grasp the concept but once he understood he didn't want to stop! We squares and triangles and straight lines and he even started to strum on a few of the bands like a guitar!


After he grew tired of the band board we decided to try something that required little supervision so I would be able to get some cleaning done. Our house has quite a few chalk board surfaces in it, a couple walls, a door, an easle with a chalk board on one side and a table with a chalk board top, so I gave G a paint brush a bowl of water, showed him which surfaces to use and let him go to town painting with water!


I honestly didn't imagine that he would have as much fun doing this as he did. He would say "Mommy wipe it off!" just so that I would clear the water and he could do more. This will definitely be a go to when I need some time to either clean, cook dinner, or just sit down!

I am going to make another blog post about what we did yesterday and today because I don't want to jam too much into one post! Thank you for reading!

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