Thursday, January 17, 2013

Busy Bags

G and I did no activities today. He and momma did a few puzzles and I cleaned house. That was about it.

Since we did nothing today, I decided I would go ahead and post about the busy bags I keep mentioning. Now please realize that this is just my variation of a busy bag, I am honestly not sure if there really is a right and wrong way of doing it but just in case I wanted to make it clear that this was just my way of doing them.

So what a busy bag is to me, is a group of bags with small activities in them MOST of which can be done with little to no supervision so when you need a mommy moment to yourself to cook, clean, or just lounge these are there to help keep little ones occupied.

We use ours in several different circumstances. We carry ours around with us in a canvas bag when we go to restaraunts and the like so that G will have some entertainment. I also use them as stated above in order to keep him occupied while I do what I need to do. I also have a few busy bags that require me to help or watch him do them so that we have an activity to do together on the occasion that I am not up to setting up an entire activity that day.

G's favorite busy bag of all is the "gone fishin" bag I made for him:

The measuring spoons busy bag is one that I have set up for use with supervision, for obvious reasons:

Since G is most definitely all boy the next two are ones he gets quite a kick out of.

I call this one "Mini Measure" ( a play on Team Umi Zoomi as I am sure some of you got!):

And, I was losing my creative touch with this one, "Nuts and Bolts":

G is very big on opening doors for his Momma and I, we just love how polite he can be! Because of that fact I thought it would be fun to give him a ring of keys that go to nothing so he can go around the house and "use" them on our doors or his ride on cars or whatever he feels like really:

One that I have that is really primarily for travel, and isn't really in a bag I guess is this:

For some more imaginitive play, I took a few handfuls of characters from his play sets and came up with

G's Farm:

G's Zoo:

These next three are more for learning than anything really. They are all sort by colors:

The last two are both fun and educational if I participate with him:

Silly face magnets:

Shape Magents:

The photo above G made Thomas the train. I must say for having done it pretty much on his own (I did assist a little at the end) He did very well. G definitely enjoys the magnets he will sit and create all kinds of things!

Some of the ideas for these bags came from, of course, Pinterest. I got one or two from browsing other blogs but quite a few of them I simply took household items or things I knew G enjoyed playing with and grouped them up, put em in bags and now they are used for the purposes listed above. I am still in the works of a few more bags and will try to post them as they come about. The point of the busy bags to my undestanding is to keep a child occupied while you get whatever tasks you need done, done. So these are just what I have done with the idea.

How will you make it yours?

Until tomorrow!


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