Sunday, April 28, 2013

'Bb' Week!

What a mostly enjoyable week!
Continuing in our alphabet theme weeks, last week we had 'B' week. We went over what sound B makes and discussed big B and little b. We discussed what words begin with B and watched movies that started with B's.
One of our first 'B' activities was out 'B' scavenger hunt. I took all of our magnetic letters and put them on the garage. I then took chalk and wrote letters, numbers and shapes on the driveway. The boys then had to find and circle all of the B's they could find.

 Once they had finished finding them on the garage R and A decided they were done so Gage and X finished up.
 Gage won finding 6 of the B's and X came in close second. All in all the boys loved doing it and had so much fun. I can't wait to do our 'C' scavenger hunt.
 As always we had our 'B' worksheets.
 We colored 'B' monsters for the "Our Week" board.

We traced big B's and little b's and then I tried to get them to write them free hand. Gage loves to trace and then write them freehand after. The other boys made a couple attempts but preferred to trace them for a while first. Once they were ready to try them freehand though, they were excited that they could do it and there were high fives all around!

As a break from worksheets I made the kids Goop to play in. Gage and A were not to fond of the feeling, which is something I knew about Gage already. X and R had a great time exploring the feel of it.

 As you can see they were all amazed by me scooping it up and letting it drip from my hands.
 Another activity we did for 'B' week, I took as many things that began with B that I could find in our learning toys and covered them in shaving cream. The objective was for the boys to hunt down as many toys as possible and then after I dipped them in water and cleaned them they had to tell me what the toy was and what letter it started with.

 A once again was not fond of getting his hands dirty so he opted to sit it out. Gage who also hates when things feel weird under his hands wanted to continue playing in it and then getting it all over himself. I'm not sure why.

 For fun I had each boy color themselves a superhero mask which I laminated, cut out and taped to a straw so they could play superheroes.
 They all then told me that superheroes are mad and say "GRRRRR!"
X even showed me his "GRRRR!" face!
I hope you enjoyed the run down of our 'B' week! I think I am going to post at the end of each week with our letter activities from the week.
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The End of 'A' Week usual.
This post is mostly just going to be the photos of the activities we did for 'A' week. I just want to get a quick update out there. I am going to make a conscious effort to make sure that on Friday I am putting out a weekly post. It will be a lot to write about but I hope you will still stick with us!
On Thursday I felt that the boys needed a big fun activity to balance out the learning we had been doing so I set up a few Gage's train tracks and cut a pool noodle in half and made them marble race tracks. They all had a blast and trying to get them away from them for lunch time was no easy task!

Getting back to our letter 'A' worksheets, I try to keep it at doing one writing and one coloring sheet per day. I don't want to overwhelm them! I let the boys glue their own letters down and they surprised me by following my directions wonderfully. They each patiently waited their turns!
 They got to get very creative using stamps, pom poms, pipe cleaners and bingo dotters on their Big A, Little a coloring sheets. It was wonderful to see what each little did with their individual pages.

At one point while the two younger boys napped I let the older boys make popsicle stick A's. First I made them make the letter 'A' all by themselves and once they had done it a few times we glued the sticks together.
Until Next time!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

'A' week days 2 and 3

I keep telling myself I am not going to combine days anymore but the lack of sleep really catches up!

A DIY project that I am quite proud of is the Boredom Book I created for the Littles. I don't know if this idea is already floating around somewhere or not but I have not seen one or heard of one yet so this is a rare occasion in which I am claiming this as my own. The little poem on the cover is something that I thought up quickly so it isn't anything too special I just wanted it to be catchy.

The purpose behind me creating the Boredom Book is that Gage and X were constantly wanting to do more worksheets. I was going through ink and paper faster than we can afford to replace them so I printed off a couple of workbooks, inserted the pages in plastic sheet protectors and now let the Littles use wet erase overhead pens to complete the worksheets. When they are finished I clean the sheets off and put them back in the book. This currently just a temporary solution because Gage and X are flying through these worksheets and I am not even sure if they are retaining the information they are supposed to. The Boredom Book is equivalent to the busy bags I made a while back just for older kids. If the two older boys are getting to be to wild or out of hand I sit them down in a quiet place and have them work on the worksheets while I try to get things done with the other Littles. It definitely serves its purpose.


'A' week day 2.
As of day 2 of 'A' week Gage and X were pretty much able to complete the worksheets on their own. I still have to guide A and R but they are getting it. On day three both A and R were able to write a "Big A" all by themselves. After helping each of them trace only two they were then able to complete the rest of the tracing with very minimal help. I think some of the help was them not wanting to put forth too much effort in trying but they didn't get away with that!
When the boys are working on their sheets I have mine up on the overhead projector and I make them watch me do it first so that they can see how to write the letters. For 'A' as I write I tell them "Make a line down, then another line down, then over!" Then as they write theirs they all say the same thing I did. I think that helps them to remember how to do it.

 Gage and X completing the worksheets by themselves.

 Helping A write his.
When we have coloring worksheets to do K gets to join in the fun. I set him up with his own tub of crayons and let him go to town coloring like the bigger kids.
 Before they start with the worksheet we go over what things start with the letter A and what sound the letter A makes. Since Gage and X like to think they are know it all's sometimes I have to make sure they give the younger boys a chance to answer first. Sometimes it works and sometimes they still feel like they have to blurt out the answer first. X always asks me if it's a race!

 As a rule the boys all have to complete their sheets before we get to play again after a few minutes of groaning and complaining from the older boys they get over it and usually sit still. All four boys are in it for the rewards though I am sure of it. Once everyone is finished with their sheets they bring them up to me and then they get to pick a sticker from my vast sticker collection. After each boy chooses his sticker and puts it on his worksheet they leave there papers on the table and then are allowed to play what we have started calling Shadows. I let them play with the their shadows on the projector and it will literally entertain them for close to an hour. Who knew?

 Our 'A' activity for day 2 was a scavenger hunt. I found all of the A's in the main room and wrote them down. The boys then had to find them. Gage and X were the only ones who participated in it the first time. Both boys were only able to find about half of the A's that I did but that is alright because some of them are very small. I only included the smaller ones so that I could see how perceptive they were.

Day 3
We did our A is for Airplane worksheet. Gage was able to write his A all by himself with no tracing guide or me helping him. I was so proud of him! After I showed X how to do it once he was able to write one as well.

 A and R still needed me to help guide them a bit which was fine. After writing the A's everyone got to color their airplane.

 Once we had finished with our first worksheet and shadow play we pulled out some books. In one of the books X found a sea shell and asked me what it was. I just so happen to have a bag of big decorative shells that I use for sensory bins. I pulled them out and they matched up exactly with the shells in the book. The boys took turns holding the shells up next to the pictures in the book and finding the matches.
 After they matched them I held the shells up to their ears and told them to tell me what they heard. R told me he heard water! So I asked if they could hear the ocean. Each boy took his turn with each shell listening to how different in sounded in a big shell from a little shell.

 We played with the shells for a good forty five minutes. I love their curiosity.
 I decided on a fun lunch for the boys, one that they would all get to help me with. We dyed noodles and had spaghetti. They each got a bag with a color and went to town shaking them up. We had a few messes but that was to be expected.
 They were very excited by the result of what they had done.

 Our second worksheet of the day was our A monsters! Once they had colored them and I cut them out to put on the board we walked around making monster sounds for a bit. It got quite loud here that is for sure!

 They boys' finished products. They definitely enjoy having their art displayed around the room!
Until next time!