Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Very odd Wednesday!

Today seemed a little off... not sure why.

So today was just a bit off. I woke up exhausted, probably because I didn't get to bed until after midnight and it has been so long since I have been up past 10:30. So after doing some computer work until late morning while Gage played with the iPad he decided he wanted to paint. Once again though, I wanted to put a spin on it. (I feel pretty strongly that you guys don't want to read about us painting EVERYDAY!)

We painted with shaving cream. In the bath tub. Gage wasn't too sure on how to take this at first. He was confused that the water wasn't running and that he had clothes on. Once he caught on to what I was doing though he got into it!

For some reason though his attention span today was signifcantly shorter than it normaly is painting lasted all of 15 minutes and he was over it. He wasn't over it and wanting to go watch tv or play with the iPad though. He was over it and wanted mommy to come up with ANOTHER activity.

I try to space my activities out so that I have some prep time in between and he can play or terrorize the house. Today that wasn't an option though. So I quickly pulled out our fabric markers and a shirt that I have been holding on to for him to design. This was just as short lived as painting though.

First he wanted to use a few stencils, so I obliged.

Then he wanted to go free hand. So we did that.


This activity was also short lived. So I have a t shirt with a few scribbles on it now. Oh well it will be there when we try again! This was the last activity we did today. With his attention span and my lack of sleep the rest of the day we vegged out playing with bricks and watching Monster House. I apologize for how uneventful this blog was. Gage will be with Grandma tomorrow, they are going to the park! If we do any night time pre bath activities I will be sure to post about them, other wise I may not post at all. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings!

Until next time!

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