Monday, February 4, 2013

A Rollercoaster of A Week

I have said it a few times and I will say it again. Thank you for your patience!

 I apologize ahead of time for the length that I am sure this post will become. I am trying to pack last weeks activities as well as todays activities in here. Those of you who read my last blog will know that we had some family troubles and I was taking a slight break from this to handle my family. With Katie being pregnant too much stress isn't good for her so that was where my focus needed to be. I will just say I am glad to have finished out that week.

So with the turmoil going on last week I was not feeling very creative with my crafts and for two days in a row, Tuesday and Wednesday, we continued with the marble race track and we did some outside box painting as I was going to build a fort. The painting part of it came out ok, the fort however did not. I was so bummed out because I had wanted so badly to build a cardboard box playhouse and it was not working. Shannon and I decided that those pinterest people who claim to do it must have faked it somehow because we could just not get it together. I was so FRUSTRATED!

Day 1

Day 2

While coloring and painting may not have been something everyone got in on, everyone still had their own fun and that is what is important. They were all just so excited to be outside in the sun and nice weather that they didn't care what they were doing. Days like these most definitely make me smile. As you can see the marble track is a HUGE hit with all the kids so far! I believe I have said this before but I will say it again, the fact that so many children take pleasure in the things that take me a significant amount of time to make or build or come up with makes it all worth it.

After we finished outside on Wednesday, something must have come over me because I thought it would be a GREAT idea to let the kids play with giant bubble wands, in my learning room. Looking back now I don't know if that was entirely smart of me but they all loved every second of it. I think Shannon and I had as much fun as they did with it too.

Having only one bubble wand caused a little bit of tension with the boys.
But I was pleasantly surprised when, after a little bit of coaxing they were able to take turns.

Luckily we were able to find an old school small wand and then they could switch off.


That is about the time when the mommy's got creative. Shannon had the idea of cutting up one of the empty two liter bottles. Since my brain was nowhere to be found that day I am so glad she was there to think of that.

Gabe was not a big fan of my idea to give Gage a bottle that would literally shoot the soap at who ever he pointed it at.

All in all though look how much fun they had with this. So what if a mess was made in my front room? It was only soap after all, nothing a little wash cloth or towel couldn't fix. I trully feel that one of the best ways kids develop and learn is by making a mess. I mean look at those faces.
Wednesday wrapped up last weeks activities for us, as the rest of the week was full of dr. appointments and family affairs. So that brings us to last night and today.
I think this will be where I end this post and I will make another one for today's activities. I want to make sure I don't lose you guys because this is where things get really fun!
On to part 2!


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