Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wednesday (I need to come up with a catchy title!)

In an effort to stop having to post so late I think I am going to start each blog off with whatever our pre-bath time activity the night before was. I can't wait for tomorrow to show you all what we will be doing tonight! Since I posted last night with our pre bath time activity I am going to jump right into todays activities.

They were quite fun and interesting. First thing this morning we decided to play Cars matching game. One of G's favorite activities is matching games so he had tons of fun considering that his favorite movie is Cars! Obviously this activity doesn't need much explanation.

Our main and big project for today was honestly something that I threw together with what was in my craft shelf.

We made what I call a caterpillar photo or place holder. It can be used as either one.

G got to paint the parts of it. He painted the cups and the clothes pins. He had so much fun doing that and picking which color eyes to use. Then he got to watch me glue it all together!

He was so excited by the final outcome as well. I have to say it makes my heart so happy to see him enjoy the things we do together!

After we finished this G didn't want to let the paint and paper go to waste so he went to town making his own art!
Even though we only did one art project today it was still a lot of fun and G played with his busy bags quite a bit. I don't know if this week will be very eventful but I am trying to atleast do one project a day with him and let him play with his sensory bins a little each day as well.

Until tomorrow!


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