Friday, January 25, 2013


Who else is glad it's Friday?

Yesterday Gage went with Grandma and mommy got her hair done. Seeing how it has been about three years since I have gotten my hair done I was long overdue. Grandma took Gage and his brother to the park to play in the rain with their cousins. I can only imagine how much fun my boy had! He loves the rain and he loves the park, put em together and I am sure he was happy as can be!

Today I wanted to clean up the house a bit so I needed to come up with something that Gage could do without me having to be right next to him. After browsing pinterest a little bit I came across what I thought would be a long shot,

Soapy Jars

From the description on it I thought he might get a kick out of it but at the same time it may be too juvenile to keep his interest.

Well I made up a few bottles for him and he literally did not let them out of his sight the rest of the day. I was very happy that he loved it and so glad I came across the idea.

I put beads in two of the bottles and marbles in the other two. I think the fact that they make noise is a good reason that his interest was captivated by them.

He kept saying "like a bell mommy!"

He lined them up and counted them.

He made a castle out of them.

He just had the best time shaking them up!

And when I asked if he wanted to do something else he literally grabbed all the bottles and said "My bottles mommy!"

Like I said, an activity that occupied the entire day and for us those are hard to find.

After I finished some cleaning we went ahead and tried some new activities. Gage has never used scissors on his own before and because I had a pair of toddler scissors I though why not. We also played with glue for a while. These next few activities were short lived for various reasons.

The scissors weren't the easiest thing for him to get the hang of but he did VERY well with it.

When I needed to get him to do something that didn't require me sitting right next to him again I sat him down with different color paper and a pack of stickers and let him go at it. I was shocked at how littl interest he really had in it because he loves playing with stickers.

Maybe he just loves putting stickers on momma and me. That is probably it.

At one point he layed himself down in his play area and started "reading" his books. Mostly it was his books with the sound buttons but the fact that he loves to read excites me, as I am very much a reader.

We got some use out of his measuring spoon busy bag today as well! I enjoyed this one as much as he did. At first when he spilled he was a little upset about having made a mess but once he realized that I didn't care about the mess he was very excited.

Another new activity for us today was a little bead play. I put a clothes pin on the end of a pipe cleaner so that he could string beads on to it and it would stand on its own. This was something that we hadn't done before either and I enjoyed watching his little hands string the beads. He caught on to it very quickly.

Look at that concentration!

I have to say that since I started doing these things with him I am in a better mood daily and he would rather do things together than just sit and watch TV. Everytime I turn around he is saying "Mommy do something else?"  Which at first had me confused as to what he meant but I am starting to realize that he means he wants to do something art related. That makes my heart so happy and his momma has noticed as well. She is so happy that he loves the things we do together and that he will continually play with the things we make.

I can honestly say that these activities are the highlight of our day!

As always thank you for reading.

Until tomorrow!

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