Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rainy day fun!

The amount of things that can be done on a rainy day I am sure are numerous, apparently though my brain was off today.

Today was beautiful. I positively LOVE the rain and so does Gage. While I am sure I could have come up with all kinds of creative rain related activities today, I was lacking the inspiration. It was probably sleep deprevation, as we babysat a little girl over night and Gage thought a good bedtime for himself was about 1:30 a.m. Needless to say it has been a long tiring day for this mommy! As I write this momma is already asleep.

So due to my lack of creativity today we played outside. Gage loves puddles and jumping in them is probably his favorite activity. Today wasn't too rainy but there were still a few smallish puddles and gutter water (gross I know but boys will be boys right?) for him to have a good time with.


Who doesn't love a good puddle jump right?
I know I said my creativity was non existent today but that may have been over exagerated. We took our cookie cutters our side with us for a bit and Gage made "Sand cookies". This concept definitely would have worked better had it been mud, but we worked with what we had. I feel like it is a new spin on the good ol' mud pie!

We took his dinosaurs outside and played with them in the wet sand as well. He wasn't as interested in this as he was a few of the other things we did today but I still thought it was cute.

I showed him how leaves will float in water which he got a kick out of. Of course he thought why not add rocks into the mix as well. That obviously did not work out well.


All of the running around in the cold rain we were doing for some reason made momma want ice cream which in turn had Gage wanting ice cream so that was his snack. I love them to death but sometimes I just don't understand.

Right before he ran out of steam and wanted to head inside he remembered the fun we had with sidewalk chalk earlier in the week and did not want to pass up the opportunity to play with it again. So first he sweeped off the old chalk still lingering on the drive way and then he got down to drawing some more.

That pretty much finished up our fun for the day. I had a very fun bath time activity planned but he decided that he did not want a bath tonight so I will just save that for in the morning.

We just want to thank those of you who read this, I have so much fun doing this blog and I hope someone out there enjoys reading!

Until tomorrow!

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