Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Light Play

Thanks to my good friend Brittany I was able to get my hands on an overhead projector! I literally have not been this excited in a long time!

I love that I was able to get one of these because I have wanted one for SO long! I knew Gage would get a kick out of it and I really hoped Little B would as well. She definitely did!

We did recognition exercises, which were more for Gage of course and B chimed in when she recognized something as well.


Even the cat was intrigued by our activity. The kids had fun torturing her as she chased their shadows around.

After nap time I pulled out a few objects to use on the projector for more shadow play.

 Once they had grown tired of the shadows I let Gage draw on some Transparencies while Little B did some sorting with the objects I had given them.

It was a very fun day for our first day back in a normal routine around here even though Gage developed a high fever late this afternoon. That is why this will be a short post so I can go care for my little bug. I think a nice lukewarm bath will do him some good and then off to bed. Too much excitement for one day apparently! Have a great night everyone!
I also have a few new toys to play with tonight! YAY!
Until tomorrow!

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