Thursday, February 7, 2013

Making Music!

Another very successful day!

So despite being exhausted today due to Gage not sleeping well last night everything went great today!

I love that we have another little book worm running around the house! Gage will sit and read to himself for hours and Little B is doing the same, maybe soon enough Gage will sit with her and make up a story to tell.

He has taken such a liking to having her around! All day he ran around the house and made sure she was following. He kept call her name and it was so cute to hear him say! When we did sensory play today they would switch bags, he would say "here you go B" and she would respond with her version of thank you. They seem to understand each other very well and I am loving it.

The activity today that both of them participated in was music time. Quite the little musicians these two are! Like before I used the few instruments we have here but added in some everyday household items for them to experiment with.

Since this was something Gage has done before he jumped right in very excited to be doing it again. B watched him for a bit until he went up to her with a "drum stick" of her own and then she was right there with him going to town. It was a loud 10-15 minutes in our house!

She was singing and rocking out! Look at her go!

Experimenting new sounds.

Our other activity today was hard to get them both into. It was a chore to even get Gage into it! Thanks to pinterest I decided we would play with shaving cream today. Little B sat on my lap and watched Gage very cautiously play with his cars and trucks in the shaving cream. He hates getting his hands dirty and the consistency was not his favorite.

After nap time we played outside a bit.

I will leave you with this photo of the kids doing an activity together because I really enjoy how much they get a long!

Until tomorrow! (Woo Friday!)


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