Saturday, February 9, 2013

Apologies for the day late post!

                            Yes, it's like that in my house.

So I am very sorry on the post being a day late and a little full today. Last night was a great time for family night considering we had the fort up! It doesn't get much better than dinner and a movie inside the TV fort.

Yesterday we were excited to have Ms. Shannon and the kids over to play.

Despite it being a little cooler out than I had hoped, we went ahead and did the water table as planned yesterday. We set the kids up on my tile with the tub of water and all the fun tools we had to play with. This one is a favorite no matter what the weather, at least here in our house. I mixed things up a bit by adding in the colored bath fizzes Gage has for bath time along with the bubble. The kiddos were just thrilled!

They used blue and red bath fizz to make the water purple.

It was our first time trying water table with Little B and I wasn't sure how she would take it. Needless to say though, she dove right on in with the boys.

Amongst the many different things the kids used in the water were a few PVC elbows which Gage put to good use.

Even Ms. Shannon couldn't wait to get in there with the kiddos and start blowing bubbles.


You can see that she is just as excited as they are.

The boys got a little too messy for Little B so she got her own bin of pink water with some foam sticks and sheets to play with.

After quite a while of water table play it was quiet time and that included a TV fort. They kids loved having this up and taking their snacks inside to watch TV. Next time we make a fort I am shooting to have it reach the couch and be more closed off but this one served its purpose!

This brings us to today.
Little B was with us again today and while today was not as eventful as yesterday we still had quite a bit of fun. Our main activity for the day was spray painting. This activity B didn't take part in as she was very sleepy but Gage had a blast with it, even though he didn't completely comprehend what we were doing.

It was very easy to make and clearly Gage approved.

For a short while we played with bubbles it didn't last very long because they wanted to play outside for some reason regardless of how cold it was today.

They watched as Momma blew bubbles for them. :)

Other than a few Mommy crafts during nap time (Race cars, sensory bags and bottles, all which I will post about soon.) that was how the last two days went for us.

A few days ago I started looking through a book I bought a few years ago, I thought maybe I can find a couple ideas in here for things for us to do. I expected maybe a small handful and this is how the book looks now:

It is kind of difficult to see just how many tabs I have on the side there but let me tell you there are quite a lot. They range from bubble play to dancing to outdoor fun and even party ideas. So this is what our weeks to come will consist of, ideas from this book. Hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am!

If you like reading the blog you can find us on Facebook where I update from my phone with our activities through out the day. Feel free to like and share the page.

Tomorrow is Sunday so I probably won't be posting, we are hoping to get the backyard finished so there is a small chance I may have something to post about. If not though,

Until next time!


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