Friday, February 22, 2013

An activity packed day!

Today we played with 3 different textures. We played with "cloud dough", "clean mud" and "Goop".

Little B is not one to like her hands getting dirty so she had very minimal interest in this activity. The boys were VERY fond of the "cloud dough" but didn't show a whole lot of interest in the other two. Probably because they were wet and different from anything they've felt before.


After the kids had worn that out and had a little bit of lunch, we turned to our good old friend the water table. This is one I know Little B loves and so do the other kids. Even little Sissy got in on the fun (in between a few fits haha).

 Ms. Shannon told me that I had to find some mess free fun for the rest of the afternoon and you will not believe how hard that was for me! I racked my brain for a long time trying to figure out what to do to keep the kids occupied and from making a mess. You have to understand that my outlook is that messy fun is the best fun and so far based on the kids reactions this is pretty true. It took me a long time to decide on using the overhead with the kids again. I wanted to use the sand box, messy. I wanted to paint, messy. Everything that I could seem to come up with was MESSY! Eventually I settled on the overhead though and the boys had a blast with it. So did Little B until she got too worn out and sat down with a book.

Since Momma was around today the kids were able to pet the bunny. I prefer not to handle the animals that is more her deal. The little ones had a wonderful time petting her and they even got to feed her. I love having a mini petting zoo because the kids can learn about the various animals and see them and occasionally get to touch them. The rabbit is the softest pet we have aside from the cat and dogs so she is the most kid friendly. I can't wait until we are able to take out the hedgehogs for them to see and maybe touch.

Everyone got in on the fun even Brenna and she conned Gabe into climbing in the cage with her but that was short lived.

At the end of our VERY long day the boys got to play in a glow bath. For the most part they loved it but were both so tired and cranky that it didn't last for very long. We did a lot today and I know everyone should get a wonderful nights rest. I know I will.

Before cleaning up from the bath we decided that it looked like a rave threw up in my bathroom. What do you think?

This mommy is very much ready to pass out! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Until next time!

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