Monday, February 4, 2013

Starting Our Garden

Yesterday we got together the things we needed to start up our garden. After quite a good bit of physical labor, which due to the fact that I am such a baby I am still in pain from, we were ready to put the fruits and veggies in the ground. We kind of halfway cheated a little as you can tell by the photo above, and used pre grown plants that came in pots that are biodegradable so you literally just stick them in the ground after cutting off the plastic line. So easy.
At first I had my doubts as to whether or not Gage was going to be interested in the garden. Those doubts lasted a whole minute because once he caught on that he was about to play in the mud he was all in.
He helped Momma dig the holes needed, with a small amount of guidance of course. They then put the veggies in the ground, his favorite one to plant was probably the garlic because he just kept repeating it even after we went in the house. He was pretty fascinated by the whole process.


Watering them was of course his absolute favorite part of it all.

Then we prepared our seed starters so we could get a strong root system started for the seeds we had to plant.

Gage wasn't too thrilled with having to go inside at this point but after a litte bribery he came inside to help us get the greenhouse ready.

He helped out by putting the popsicle stick labels in their proper spot.
I love the fact that he is interested in gardening and first thing this morning as we were going out to play he asked to see it. This is going to be an awesome teaching tool for me and a learning experience for him.
Since I am voiceless today, coming up with an activity that I could just let him loose with was challenging. It definitely needed to be an oustide activity and it was very nice out today so that made it easy. WATER.
All of the pitchers and things I had gotten him for bath time came outside with us today and we made the wettest muddiest mess imaginable. It was a blast though. I used his sand and water table as a main water station and filled it with soap. In all actuality what he was doing was the dishes!
Our tools:

Even though all of these things he has played with in water before, we were in a new environment and he had a lot more splash space than he is used too. He took full advantage of that too. His imagination will never cease to amaze me and watching him play will never get old.
This squirt gun crayon is definitely his new outdoor favorite. He sprayed the wall, his play house and our house with it and did not stop laughing.
His imagination was in full effect at this point and he continuously turned to me and asked what I wanted him to make for me. Could we possibly have a future chef on our hands? I love that he is constantly exploring his options and while it may push buttons sometimes, he loves exploring his boundries.

We experimented with what soap and suds do when we play with them in different ways. I showed him that he could turn his funnel upside down and blow bubbles with it without getting his face wet. I am sure I will regret that somehow next bath time.

In order to switch it up a little bit and keep his interest I brought out a wash rag and since we were already using soap I figured I'd put it to good use and we washed the playhouse. Gage said it needed a bath.

At this point my terror child became a monster and thought it would be "very funny" in his words, to turn the crayon squirt gun from rinsing the playhouse to drenching Mommy. He was quite lucky that Mommy didn't have her cell phone or camera in her hands I will tell you that much.
As always thank you for your interest and for sticking it out through a 2 parter tonight. I don't have any intention of falling behind again so we should be back up to one a day posts.
With that said this mommy needs to let her voice and throat recover so that hopefuly I am able to talk again. It is hard to control a 3 year old with no voice he feels like he has run of the house  at this point.
Until tomorrow!

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