Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A few of our favorite things

These last few days have been...

Lets just say that I am over it. 

I haven't watched kiddos in two days. It has made for a slow few days that is for sure. Yesterday Gage and I did NOTHING, not a single thing. I decided that today that had to change. 

While Gage ate his breakfast I sat down to work on a few new activities. I have been gathering things to make what I like to call our "boredom box" full of activities for various ages to pull out should the kids decide that they are bored and if they appear to have to much time on their hands. 
 Their are coloring books, letter and number activities, scissor and glue activities, magnets and tons more. Their really is something for every age in this bin. 

I traced a few of the magnets we have onto paper to use as a matching game of a different kind. The letter and number ones won't be too challenging for Gage because he knows his letters and numbers, but the car one will be quite difficult because there are so many of them and the shapes are not as easy to pick out. I hope he enjoys them all regardless though! 

Another thing that I made for the kids today was pinterest inspired! I had found a link for things to make from cardboard and one thing on it that caught my eye was a sky box. Glow in the dark stars and planets inside a box with a hole cut in it to view through. The flashlight is there so that the kids can shine the light on the stars to "charge" them prior to viewing. Gage has so far LOVED this one!

 Yesterday I decided to give my sewing machine a go. I have never been taught to sew so this was an adventure in itself. I had recently found some bean bags at the thrift store that I was going to buy to do carnival games with the kids among other things but Ms. Shannon went on a rant about how easily those can be made so yesterday I made the attempt. My first try was an absolute FAIL! I don't have photos of them individually so you will have to take my word for it. It literally fell apart after an hour. With the help of my niece Brenna, who took Home Ec in school the second one came out better. The third and fourth came out the best. I now feel like I can sew anything but I know that is not true! It's all about baby steps I suppose much like most things. 

So with these newly made bean bags I decided that Gage and I would do a can toss like you see at carnivals to help with his hand eye coordination. At the risk of sounding a little "braggish" my bug already has a killer arm, it is the aiming that needs work. 

I set up three soda cans and explained to him how to do it. Leave it to my child to try and cheat by standing almost against the bench the cans were on so I had to make a line of tape for him to stand at. He was not liking that and tried at every turn to stand closer! Once he got the hang of it though, he was knocking them down faster than I could put them back up.

He even got Brenna in on the action and they had a blast playing together!

 A few days ago we took a stab at another Pinterest inspired idea. 
The glow bath!

Glow bath number 2.


I think it is evident that the glow bath is quite a hit in our house! We love it and will continue to do it. I am planning on researching other black light and glow activities to do with all the kiddos as well. I may have to one day cover the windows in the front room with blankets and do all kinds of glow activities with them. Better yet though, I may be able to do it in the garage!
Something for you all to look forward to! 

I have an early morning tomorrow! My first kiddo will be dropped off about 6:30 so this mommy needs to get ready for bed time! If only Gage felt the same. 

Until tomorrow!

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