Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No activity today!

My voice is slowly returning so I didn't want to push it today!

Today was a cleaning day. With last week being so stressful, I had been slacking on the house work so today was much needed. On top of cleaning I put a lot of thought into the baby shower that is quickly approaching. (March.) I finally picked what theme we are going with and I have started gathering ideas for invitations and decorations since I plan to make almost everything for it. We have to be frugal so I need to keep spending to a minimum on this. It is okay though because I will have a lot of fun making all the things we will need!

I am also looking into getting a domain name soon! That is very exciting, at least to me. I would love to be a DOT COM!!!

Sorry for the short post tonight, this mommy has a migraine that will not go away!

Until tomorrow!

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