Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First day caring for another child!

All in all I would say that today was a huge success!

These photos depict the aftermath of the day we had. I am all smiles ear to ear! Gage did so well with little B. He usually does just fine with little girls and only bickers with the boys. (Go figure right?)

Today was little B's first day with us. They came by and met with us yesterday and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it here, but it is so kid friendly who wouldn't? As with any first day there are concerns about leaving your child. B was so good today though, she didn't shed a single tear and took to me very well. I am always very skittish when caring for a new child because I don't know if they will react well to me but she came right up to me and played with me and Gage all day long.

I think I won her over with all of the nifty things there are around here for kids to get into. I pulled out all the stops, I wanted  her to like me so bad! We got into the busy bags, the sensory bottles, blocks, even the markers. She even got to love on the kitty.

I am not used to having a little girl around and wasn't sure how much interest she would take in the "boy toys' but she was right up with the boys racing cars and playing trains. I love when children will play with whatever is handy.

As always the sand bin was a HUGE success, and a huge MESS. Little B would not let me put it away either.


After lunch the kids got Popsicles! Guess how many smiles that brought!

We put a spin on finger painting this afternoon thanks to something I saw on pinterest.

After the long day we had I am quite exhausted! I have to say though it was so much fun and I was so proud of how well Gage did sharing his toys with someone new. I feel like it is all a step in the right direction for when Kayson gets here.

Despite my sore body and tired brain, the house is now clean again, Gage is asleep as is Momma and I am very much looking forward to seeing this little face tomorrow for some more fun new activities!



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