Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Everyone, Meet K!

This is K...

And today we went from this...

to this.

Today was quite a rough one I must say! It was K's first day and it was also a Little B day so I had all three kiddos at once on K's first day. Talk about eventful. As can be expected he had a rough start. He did not want Grandma to leave him and he was upset for a good twenty minutes or so but eventually calmed down enough to start coloring a bit. (Note the still very grumpy look on his face in photo 1 though!) 

When Little B showed up he got upset all over again and I was beginning to sense a pattern that every time someone came or went he was going to get upset. After a tear fest from both K and Little B though they got over it. Let me just say that today my sensory bottles and bags proved their worth!
Each time K got overly upset or teary eyed I simply pulled one of the bottles out, usually the ones with glitter in them or beads, shook it and he calmed down a bit. A few go rounds of this and he was calm again. 

I pulled out the snack for him and Little B as well as our alpha magnets and the cookie sheets. He was THRILLED! He forgot all his woes and took to filling up the cookie sheet with as many letters as would fit, Little B followed suit.  

After we grew tired of magnet play I had to keep the fun rolling in order to prevent another possible break down. What can possibly be more exciting than an indoor sand box? I personally don't think much to be honest with you. He and Gage went to town with the dinos and monster trucks and shovels. The first smile he cracked all morning was when Gage took a shovel and dumped sand onto the rake he was holding. K lit up and laughed a deep belly laugh, don't you just love those? I know I do! 

From sand play we moved onto my failed attempt at cloud dough, which I guess makes it just glorified flour. Regardless of my fail though the kiddos love it. Especially Gage! I will have to give this one another shot sometime this week or weekend. 

Since Little B is not ever very fond of the messy play and it was just after nap time for her I pulled out the water table and added in the blue water beads I got this weekend. Little B was not amused but the boys had a ball. The scooped them, squeezed them, and swirled them about. 

While Gage napped I pulled out the number dobbers and let the two littles "color" with them. This was short lived when it became clear to me that a mess was certain and I hadn't yet experimented with how easily they would come off of hands, clothes, and carpet!

This is how the afternoon played out.

 I will just say that today I found out that Gage is not all that fond of sharing mommy. My son faked an earache to make sure that I turned all attention back to him. The littles played with toys on the floor while watching some Nick Jr. and Gage got lots of mommy cuddles. Let me just point out that Gage is all of 3 so where he learned that faking an injury was his best shot at getting mommy's attention I will never know. Or maybe as little ones it is automatically programmed in us that the quickest way into mommy's arms when their are other kids around is through a boo boo. What better boo boo then one that can't be seen or verified without a doctors visit? 

As soon as both K and Little B had been picked up this afternoon, Gage was up and running around the house completely over wanting mommy cuddles or Momma loves. All I can do is shake my head and dread what lies ahead if he is already this crafty at 3.

Until tomorrow!

(Luckily tomorrow is just K and Gage so fingers crossed that it goes better than today! Oh and that we will have lots more activities to share!)

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