Friday, March 1, 2013

Glow Day

The amount of work that went into today's activities should be illegal. 

In the end, though, it was very much worth it. The kiddos had so much fun!

K stayed home today so I just had Gage and Little B. Brittany came over with Dennis and we had a blast. 

Our first activity was another round with the "snow", since Little B wasn't here yesterday to experience it with us it was new for her. I'm not sure if she just wasn't in a very good mood today from lack of sleep or if it was the not liking to touch weird things, but she was not as interested in "snow" as K was. 

 Gage decided he wanted to make foot prints in it. Since we love making messes around here I thought it was a wonderful idea!
 It was cold on his feet and I don't know how much he liked that!

So since today is Friday I pulled out all the stops. We did all we could in the amount of time we had today and that was A LOT!

Our house has an open floor plan but I wanted to do glow activities today. I had to pin blankets over the opening in the wall and the windows. That in itself took me upwards of 45 minutes. Talk about a ton of work! And we weren't even to the activities yet.

We started with glow water, Gage doesn't seem to get tired of this and the other two haven't yet experienced it so there was excitement all around.

(Sorry for the pic quality keeping the kiddos still to avoid light writing was out of the question)

 After us mommies tired of water play due to the amount of water covering not only the floor but kiddos as well we moved onto glow shaving cream painting!

Another one that got the littles excited!
I don't have pictures of it but we painted the boys' hands and feet and let them walk across the paper.
This part got quite messy because it was hard to keep them on the paper with the paint on their feet and of course I had forgotten to lay something under the paper. Needless to say my carpet has glow paint on it in spots now, but its only carpet!

 Since we already had the room totally dark I took advantage and pulled out the light table, which is something I usually reserve for a pre-bedtime activity.
 We sorted colors and played with little cups on it.
 I am sure most of you are thinking that it must end here right? At this point we had already packed so much into our day and it was only lunch time! But I can assure you the fun didn't stop here.

 After the littles had lunch and watched a movie for a bit we headed outside fully recharged for some more water play!

Today in Las Vegas the temps reached the mid 70's! It was such a nice day out that keeping the kiddos inside would have been unfair!

We played with water beads again which is not something that Dennis and Little B have experienced yet so they were so curious when once submerged, the beads disappeared.

 Momma had just as much fun with these as they did! (I must admit I love them as well!)
 After a bit of them playing with just the clear ones I pulled out the colored beads to add to the mix. They had even more fun with the ones they could see, especially when they would reach in for a colored one and come out with a handful of clear!

 Since it was so hot out we took a popsicle break!

 While the kiddos took a break I set up the goo (Squishy Baff(?) purchased from Walmart).

My first experience with this with Gage was not pleasant! We used it in the bath tub and since my bug doesn't do well with strange consistencies, he wanted out before the stuff had even taken full effect!

This time around went much smoother! Gage still wanted nothing to do with it but Little B surprised me when she ended being the only one of the three to stand there and play in it! Dennis and Gage both wanted as far from it as possible.
 Momma and Brittany trying to get the boys in on the fun without success!
 Me and Little B going to town playing with it! Something about the way it felt between my fingers kept me so intrigued!

 During clean up tonight I put the black light in the light table and used our tonic water bottles, how cool is it that they glow like that?

 This is the water beads on the light table! This is something I will be showing Gage this weekend if we get a minute to play! Maybe Sunday afternoon.
 Well if reading this made you as tired as doing it made me I am sure you are just as ready to crash out as I am! 

Tomorrow is quite a busy day for us. Our whole weekend is packed as a matter of fact! But maternity photos tomorrow and I am so excited! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I know we will!

Until next time! 

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  1. We tried glow in the dark bubbles, my 18 year old was covered in glow stick stuff! Funniest thing ever! Bubbles did not glow though...

    1. That's disappointing! The kids loved the glow bath for sure and now that we have a new house with a HUGE garden tub I intend to give the glow bath another go. Glow play is one of my favorites it has just been a while since we have done it.

  2. The bottles reminded me I still need to make some calm down bottles. I really want to do a snow table with melody! She always talks about snow. Maybe some more sensory play before Halloween will make her happier to carve pumpkins!! lol Probably wishful thinking, I know. ;)

    1. We should figure it out and do pumpkin carving together with the kids. Either here at our house or at yours. Or maybe at Grandmas even. Melody and Gage can hate carving pumpkins together lol.

  3. That's really awesome looking! I'd be afraid my little dinosaurs would want to just throw them around though and all my hard work would be in the grass...

    1. That was a fear of mine as well. We did have an incident where glow paint ended up on the carpet but that's okay. Carpet is replaceable. :)