Monday, March 18, 2013

Let's Paint!

What a day!
Gage hasn't been sleeping well the past few nights. He has been in and out of our room constantly it seems. I am exhausted! On top of all of that though, I believe I may have a pinched nerve or some kind of muscle pull in my back/shoulder area because my hand feels very weak and my wrist seems to hurt almost unbearably. I will eventually get this looked at.
Today it was just Gage and Little B which was PERFECT. It is so much easier to do activities with two Littles as opposed to three. It may not make much sense as it is only one child different but let me tell you, there is a difference! I wanted to get a rather slow start to things this morning, not to much mess, nothing to loud, you know. So I pulled out some Ziploc bags, poured in some paint and let the Littles have at it. Wouldn't you guess though, that Gage would somehow manage to dig his fingernails into his bag and tear it slightly! Luckily I caught it before it made a HUGE mess. Little B seems to like this style of painting over your traditional finger painting because, as I have stated before, she doesn't like to get her hands dirty.

After they tired of this, which for Gage was fairly quick, he wanted to pull out the instruments. I thought this was a wonderful idea. Gage took all of our drum like instruments and set to banging away on them with his drumsticks. I swear my boy loves being loud! B played with everything else, the tambourine, the bells, the shaker whatever she could get her little hands around.

After a good half hour or so of being as loud as possible they decided on some more quite fun! Since I revamped our table with some chalkboard paint it is always fun to draw on! We cleared the table of our previous activities, I gave them each some chalk and we all set to drawing in our little areas. Gage can never seem to stick to one area though so he was drawing over my pictures. Ah toddlers!

Nap time brought this mommy some much needed quite time, even if it was only Little B who napped. Gage is pretty self sufficient and does very well playing by himself. I was able to sit back on the couch for a bit, and I will admit browse through a bit of Pinterest for some much needed inspiration, while he sprawled out on the floor with his trains.
Once B woke up from her nap we went full force right back into the activities with some more painting!
Thanks to my little Pinterest browse session, I decided it would be fun to have the kids paint with pom poms. It was perfect because B wouldn't have to use her hands but Gage could if he wanted to. Let's just say that it was quite a hit with both of them.

 I think B couldn't help but wonder why her yellow pom pom was producing every color EXCEPT yellow on the paper. She kept looking at it and checking to see what was going on. It was quite entertaining.


 After Pom poms, I took a stab at painting with credit cards with them. Gage wanted no part of it and the concept wasn't too easy for B to grasp so that was VERY short lived!

 I do however enjoy the concept as well as the finished product so I will be coming back to it later.
Since our day had consisted almost entirely of painting I wanted to give Gage something that would work his brain a bit. I took our foam triangle blocks and dumped them on to two trays, one with rice, one with Epsom salt. I had originally planned for B to take part as well but she had a hard time mastering the tongs well enough to move the blocks from one place to the other so I let Gage have at both. He made very quick work of both trays. I won't lie, it took me by surprise how fast he had finished. My bug definitely loves stretching his mind because the whole time he was moving blocks he would call out "Red triangle" "Blue triangle" and you get the picture. I hadn't asked him to do this so I love that he took it upon himself to.

Well should everything stay as scheduled, I will only have K and Gage tomorrow. I will probably repeat one or two of todays activities so that K can experience them but right now I need to try and map out tomorrow. I have been trying to get better at planning the night before so that I am not stressing to hard in the morning over what we are going to do.
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 Until tomorrow!


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