Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekend?
Ours went something like this:

But seriously our maternity photo shoot not only turned out some amazing photos, it was also so much fun to do! Thank you so much Jessica.
On to today though, I just know so many of you really wanted to see our pictures! 

I started off the day, as I do so many other days, with sensory play. We took the water beads and snow from last weeks activities and I hid letter and number magnets in them. 

The littles thought that we were just going to play with them like we always have so it was quite a surprise for Gage when he dug his little fingers in there and pulled out a couple of magnets.

 As with any sensory activity we do, Little B is always very skeptical and reluctant to touch whatever material we are working with. She does not like the feel of most anything on her hands it would seem.

She was more than fine with having Gage dig the letters our and she would then place them on the magnet board. 

 Gage was thrilled with the surprise of the hunt and we had him name off the number/letter as he pulled them out.

 Eventually Little B was ok with digging into the snow and beads. It just takes a little time.

We then tried our hand at finger painting. We used Q-tips, Lego's, puzzle pieces, toilet paper rolls, you name it and I am sure we used it.

 Because Little B is not a fan of finger painting the messy way, I set the littles up with paper in a Ziploc bag and a craft stick to "paint" with. Something I of course saw on Pinterest!
 Painting this way really confused Gage, he kept looking at the stick after trailing it through the paint to see if the stick was colored. He also kept trying to "paint" over blank paper spots and was getting quite frustrated by the lack of results. Needless to say he quickly tired of it and went to watch some Thomas the Train.

 Little B I feel enjoyed this much more then the traditional way of finger painting. It did confuse her at first as well but once I showed her a bit she took right to it.
 Once she was convinced that she wouldn't be getting her fingers messy she cashed in her craft stick and started dragging her fingers through the paint areas instead.

I definitely feel that this will be a craft we try again in the future. Maybe a day when K is here as well. 

Last week I submitted one of my blog posts to a blog for hands on moms and it was published there. I know it isn't an entirely huge deal because I doubt that any one gets turned away but it still very much excited me to see an idea of mine on another website with the link to my blog. Fingers crossed for more traffic coming through Tales of a Toddler! 

I just wanted to say thank you for reading since I haven't in a while and I hope what I do will inspire some of you

Until tomorrow!

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