Friday, March 15, 2013

A lot to share!

I have a lot to post about! Are you ready?
On Wednesday, Dennis and Brittany came to play again! We love when they join us. I didn't have much going on that day though so the kiddos colored and then played in boxes! Always a good time to be had in cardboard boxes!

On Thursday, the weather reached the high 70's, low 80's so after we ran some errands we had a pool day! I filled up our kiddie pool and let the littles have a blast! We played for quite a long time and the littles tired out right before it was time for their pick ups! I call that successful.

 When Gage had tired of playing in the pool, he realized that his wet feet left foot prints. It made him absolutely giddy to see his little prints following behind him so he would repeatedly run back to the pool to wet his feet and then watch as he left the prints behind him!

Gage has been having some rough nights this week which is what has me as exhausted as I am. Not much of an excuse I know, but toddlers can be tough work! I am sure most of you know that though.
I hope you enjoyed what you read!

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