Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Ok. Yesterday was my birthday, but still!
I am getting up there in years! Having a three year old plus one on the way does not help me feel any younger either!
I will blog all about yesterdays adventure some other time though.
Today Gage was not feeling well so it was just he, K, and I. B stayed home. All morning we just lounged the Littles played a bit, I had my coffee and browsed through the experiments I have been wanting to try. I didn't want to do anything sensory because Gage wasn't feeling well. Luckily nap time came quickly today so K went down for his nap and Gage and I cuddled for a bit before I pulled out a project for us to try. (At this point Gage's allergy medicine had him feeling almost normal, just VERY stuffed up!)
The project that we tried out today is one that I of course found on Pinterest. The Pin takes you to this blog:
I followed her instructions step by step so my pictures will be almost identical to hers. Gage always knows when I am setting up for something fun and I can never seem to get the set up complete before he is standing right beside me asking what we are going to do. He is so eager to learn!

 I love how excited he is by what he has done! He looks truly fascinated by this.

 "Oooooh! Blue mommy!"
We both loved this experiment and it was so easy to do, the ingredients needed were ones that we already had in our cupboard! All of the experiments listed on the blog I posted above look worth a try and when I have more prep time I will definitely be doing them with Gage and the Littles!
When we finished experimenting K was still sleeping so I looked to my recipes and found the bubble recipe that I have been dying to try out. Once again something I found on Pinterest but the recipe comes from this site:
Anyway, one of the pins that I saw that had this recipe attached had quoted these bubbles as being the best bubble mix around, or something similar. I thought that I definitely need to test that for myself.
Gage and I were genuinely pleased by the outcome. I filled a bin with the mixture I'd made and we pulled out our bubble wands. The mixture that you buy in the stores generally tends to fall apart or be to watery if that makes sense. These ones that we made though were thicker and held together wonderfully.
In the mixing bowl, I let him take a straw and blow into the mixture. He kept telling me, "Look turtles mommy!"

 A little hard to see but that is a big bubble!

 Popping the bubbles.

 Like most things around here, he wound up INSIDE the tub of bubbles playing with them. I suppose that is all a part of discovering though right!

I can't wait to blog about yesterdays adventure, but I need to get an okay to use a few of the photos I took first. So when I get the go ahead I will post about that.
Until next time!

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