Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Build A Zoo

Today, today, today.
I had started prepping activities for today, last night. I wanted to dye pasta for a rainbow I-spy bin so I began attempting to dye the pasta. I woke up this morning to check on it after following some instructions I found only to have it be not as vibrantly colored as I'd hoped and some of it was soggy. Which of course was not supposed to happen.
Needless to say I had to scratch that idea and come up with another quick set up bin. We have yet to use our bird seed for much more than the standard digging around in a new texture, so I took Gage's building blocks and set up some different buildings in the bird seed and then placed a few of his zoo animals in there as well, thus creating a small zoo!
In typical little boy fashion K and Gage instantly destroyed all the structures I had made. They both found it amusing enough to laugh about it for a good few minutes afterward.
 Once it was destroyed they took to helping each other build other structures.

 Gage did most of the building while K handed him the pieces needed.
 Little B just wanted to play with the animals and they all experienced the textures of the seeds between their fingers.
 Even though Little B wanted to play in it, she hated having it stick to her hands.

 After a while I gave them scoops and tubs to poor seeds from one to the other.

 This littles enjoyed this bin so much that they played for hours! When they would tire of it they would go off and play with something else but then come back to it. This one is definitely a keeper!
 After a little while I pulled out the easels for the littles to color.

I love these easels and I am so glad that Brittany brought them to me! This makes coloring with the littles so much easier than spreading out across the floor or trying to fit the three of them on the small picnic table!
Sorry for the short post tonight everyone it is late and I am so tired!
Until tomorrow!

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