Friday, March 15, 2013

A new material and a new visitor today!

Today we played with a new sensory material and we had a new little visitor!
Today started with this Mommy in all kinds of pain! I think I may have pulled a muscle or have a pinched nerve in my upper back so the pain radiates through to my left arm. Not pleasant at all!
Last night I dyed some rice, successfully this time thanks to some help from my friend Kimie!
Momma says they look very Easter festive. While that isn't what I was going for I like them none the less and we all know the littles don't care one way or another. They just want to play in it.
We dove right on in and played cooking. I took the pots, pans and utensils from our play kitchen along with some of the food and let them "cook". I was fairly surprised at how quickly K and Little B picked up on what we were doing, Gage was instantly excited by it.
 At first they tried to keep the colors separate.

 When I finally showed them it was okay to mix colors they got very excited.

 I asked Gage if he was making soup and he told me "Not soup Mommy, dinner!"

 Gage filled this pot up and then dumped it to make a nice large avalanche of rice. K and Little B thought it was quite funny.

As usual, once the other two tired of playing K was still going strong.
During our rice activity I got a call to watch Gage's cousin. I was thrilled to have her come and hang out with us. It was her first time here without mommy so we weren't sure how it was going to go, but it went very well and we look forward to hopefully having her over to play again.
Her visit lasted through K and Little B's nap time so she and Gage got to play one on one for quite a bit of time.
 I don't think she knew what to think about Gage running around and jumping in and out of the boxes so much. She would lay on the ground and try to figure out where he went when he would shut himself inside the boxes. A few times she would crawl onto the cardboard but not into the boxes no matter how much Gage coaxed.


 The most she wanted to do with these boxes was fill them with blocks and empty them out!
Once K and Little B woke up from their nap and Gage's cousin had gone home, I pulled out our new sensory bin.
 I tried out coffee grounds with them. They were all very unsure about it. Little B had absolutely no desire to go near it at all. Even K had a hard time getting into it.
 I was hoping that the farm animals would make them more interested but it didn't seem to matter either way. This bin was short lived so we may come back to it in time but who knows!

After K and B went home, Gage and I had some one on one play time! I decided to give the giant Light Bright a try. I found it on Pinterest of course! I know that the Lite Brite was a big favorite of mine growing up so I had hoped that Gage would love it as well. Turns out he does!
I took some peg board from Home Depot, a black light and some neon pipe cleaners and showed him how it was done. He was absolutely intrigued from the get go!

I am so glad that he loved it and look forward to playing with it again.
After the light bright I wanted to try out something new on our light table. On BabyFirst TV their is a show in which someone draws in sand on a light table. Since I have a home made light table as well as some sand I thought I'd try it out.
The results were amazing!
 Gage was so excited. The skit on the tv show is called sandman I believe,

After he drew for a while I started to write letters and he would tell me what they were. I then took it further and would ask him what sound each letter made. Let me just express me absolute joy and excitement when he told me that the letter M says "MMM MMM MMM Mommy!" I was so giddy with excitement as we high fived. He could very clearly see the excitement in my face and that made him light up. He had the biggest grin and happily stated, "More Mommy!" I began writing each letter out from A-Z after writing each one I would ask him what sound it made. He knew well over 80% of the letters sounds. For the letters that he was unsure of their sounds he would tell me what he did know. For L he began to make a lick sound and motion and said "Like lollipop." For W he began to make a WHOOOSHHHH noise and wave his arms, "Like wind Mommy!"
While this may not seem like a whole lot to some of you, allow me to point out that Gage is three. Not three and a half, just three. On top of that, we have not worked on letter sounds together. Gage has a leapfrog game for his Leapster that is Leapfrog Letter Factory which he plays quite a bit when he has down time and he will watch the Leapfrog movies. All of this is from what he has picked up by watching these movies or playing the game. I am one proud Mommy to say the least. I love nights like this with my bug and would not change it for the world. A perfect Friday night. I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as I did!
Until next time!

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