Monday, March 11, 2013

Two days, one post

What a hectic weekend!
I feel like I need a weeks worth of sleep to get caught up from this last weekend! Friday I attempted to get to bed early because I was still feeling week from the day before. I can never seem to get to sleep early anymore and it is terrible, especially since K gets here at 6:30 in the morning! I am one tired Mommy!
This made Friday a very uneventful day with a lot of imagination play and very few activities! We painted with food! Well, the end of a celery stalk and half an apple but the Littles were intrigued.

The more activities we do, the more I am realizing that Little B is quite the observer. While the boys jump right into our activities she will mostly just hang back and watch. It takes quite a bit of coaxing to get her involved!

This was the outcome of the celery painting! I really like it and am glad that Gage's grandma pointed it out to me!
 Playing with your food does get old after a while! Once the Littles tired of it we moved on to painting with household objects, Q-tips, cotton pads, toilet paper rolls and the like.

 Gage really enjoys painting with a good old fashioned paint brush. This was him painting a rainbow. He was very excited for me to watch him do it too!

Today I only had Little B. I will have both Littles tomorrow though so that will make for an eventful day! So not only did I only have B, I only had her for a little longer than half the day. I had to pack our activities into a shorter time frame but that was fine because it meant that we didn't have much down time, aside from nap and lunch and the kids stayed happy.
Our baby shower was this last weekend so I had a lot of left over streamers and when I was opening them up to decorate with I had thought that they would make wonderful sensory items. Gage tried to play with them while we were trying to decorate with them so I knew that it would make a wonderful activity today. Both he and Little B had a blast throwing them around and rolling them up. It was a fun mixture of colors and texture that's for sure.

It really did keep them interested for a long time! Which worked out well because I was trying to set up our sensory bin for the day.
The theme today was A Day At The Beach. They loved it. I mean honestly who wouldn't love sand and water all at once? The challenge was keeping them from mixing the two things and attempting to make mud!
I used some craft store seashells in the sand area as well as some aquarium gems to add to the experience and placed some glass pebbles in the water with even more aquarium gems. I had expected them to try to bring the normal toys we use in the water bin over but they didn't. Instead they used a set of tongs and a fork but otherwise just explored with their hands. I love when they dig in deep using only their hands.

Our last activity for the day was more for them to watch than them to play with, or so I thought. It started out as watching food coloring dye the water without any shaking or help from me. In other words dropping the coloring in and letting it take its time to fill the jar and dye all the water. This one was just as enjoyable for me I think.
The reason I decided to do this with them is that when decorating for the baby shower I filled mason jars with water and food coloring to make a rainbow for the candy table. When Gage realized what I was doing the process just amazed him and he wanted to help me. Since I didn't let him help then I decided to turn it into a project for the Littles so that he could get hands on with it. Talk about a success!

 Little B cautiously observing from a distance.

 Gage was finally able to get her to join in the fun!

 After shaking, drumming, and tipping the jars they went back to streamer play,
 but from time to time would come back to check on the jars!
Hope you enjoyed our days activities! Thanks for checking in.
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Until tomorrow!

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  1. Ooo! I love the water jars. I bet my niece would love it too! I am slapping my head for not thinking of painting with food. Awesome idea!