Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quite The Messes We Have Made

Talk about a long, long day!
Here is a quick run through of our day.
We started the day out right! Straight into a mess. We played with goop again. Part of me keeps hoping that if Little B and Gage are introduced to it enough, they will get used to it and partake. This time around I did see a small glimmer of hope for that from both of them. While they didn't completely dig in to the stuff they at least touched it a little.
Wouldn't you know it though, K was infatuated by it. He was so intrigued by the consistency so he and I played for a long time while the other two watched and slightly played along. From what I can tell so far K is the only one of all the littles who will play to get messy. I must say that I LOVE that about him.

 Continuing on in our messy play day, I wanted K to experience the slime the other two got to play with so we went ahead and did that. Even though Little B had loved it last week, she wanted NOTHING to do with it this week. She mostly sat back and watched the boys. She has been doing that a lot lately and I am not sure why. Maybe too much excitement?
As predicted K thoroughly enjoyed the slime as well. This little is 100 % kid and loves to get messy!
And how else would we clean off on a beautiful 70 degree afternoon?
Water play of course! Little B was not down with the rain shower the boys wanted so she sat off to the side while they splashed away and threw bubbles. I honestly love watching their little faces light up at all the things we do. It makes the messes and exhaustion at the end of the day worth while!
In the afternoon Little B's big sis joined us to play for a while! Gage loves when Sis comes around he gets so excited and runs around calling her name. He definitely craves her attention! I assume he thinks they are close in age because they are the same size? I am not entirely sure, or maybe it is that they can communicate better than he can with the littles (they don't talk much).
Anyway, Sis got to experience what we do here on a daily basis. I mean she got to experience the mess making things. The goo and the snow. I am sure had time allowed we would have pulled out the sand box, and whatever else we could have come up with! We definitely hope to have her back for more playtime. 

 What had started as clean up time became sensory play time. K loves the bottles so all the littles joined in on the sensory bottle play.

 Until finally all three willingly helped me clean up a bit! It was quite a surprise because getting Gage to clean up can sometimes be challenging! I love the improvement he shows daily and watching him grow is so bittersweet.
What I am willing to bet was the highlight of Gage's day was the Pirate Bath I made up for him. We do different bath themes almost every night but not one has held his attention as long as this one did. Every time I would ask if he was ready to get out he would say, "Playing pirates Mommy!" He finally got out to eat dinner but that was almost an hour of bath time.
The toy ship we have is really quite heavy so I didn't think it would float but much to my surprise it did! I took a plastic bin and filled it with oatmeal where I then buried his toy gold coins as well as some other pretend coins (poker chips) and some treasure (some aquarium gems). I gave him a shovel and he went Treasure Hunting! We both loved this bath theme so much that it will definitely be used again! Tonight's theme, granted I don't fall asleep before he gets a bath, will be Thomas the Train. I haven't completely worked out how I will achieve this yet but I will make it happen!
Hope everyone had a great day!

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