Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rough Day

All I can say about today is that I am glad it's almost bed time!

I woke up with an absolutely terrible migraine this morning! Not really the way I wanted to begin my day at 6:30a.m. By the time K got here the headache was in full force and that was very unpleasant. Luckily Brittany was coming over for the day anyway but as the hours rolled on getting closer to when Little B would get here, the headache had become body aches and a horrible sense that I might throw up. All I could think was "Please not the flu!". I know that no one likes having the flu but being a caregiver makes me hate it all the more!
By the time Brittany got here she took one look at me and asked if I was ok. I know that hearing the word flu would have sent any sane person running but Brittany looked at me said okay went right into the room with the littles. She took control for me while I nursed the aches and after a warm bath, an apple and a lot of water, I was feeling very much like my normal old self! Thank goodness it was not the flu! I am so grateful that she took charge and helped me out today, I don't know how long the aches would have lasted if I didn't have help.
Anyway, needless to say we didn't do any extravagant activities today, the littles watched some TV, played pretend and colored all day long instead. They were happy all the same! I however was going stir crazy and continually had to tell myself that I was not up to the tasks of setting up and cleaning up activities. It was a sad, sad experience for me!

Brittany just happened to be Gage's favorite person today so every time she tried to do something that wasn't playing with him he would sit there and call out her name. That got old pretty quick! She sat with him and played Angry Birds and it made him quite a happy camper!
Since I didn't post about yesterdays activities I will go ahead and do that combined with today's.
Given that I had bought some Easter grass at the dollar store I thought I would go ahead and put it to some use! I made a little treasure hunt sensory box for the littes using various items in my craft area. They were just giddy when they saw the final product.

Piece by piece they dug into the bin, first removing the grass and then going to town digging up the "treasures" at the bottom. Little B collected the most treasure and the boys were just happy to be digging through different feels and textures.
Once they tired of "hunting" Gage decided it might be fun to climb into the box and sit in the grass. Little B and K both thought he was a little crazy!

 His imagination was in full effect at this point. He stood up and started throwing the tissue paper into the air saying "look Mommy! Leaves!" as he would make wind noises with his mouth. As the tissue paper would slowly float to the ground he would explode with a deep belly laugh. I love when that happens!
In the afternoon Dennis joined us for some play time and I decided it would be a fun idea to paint with cars, something that I of course saw on Pinterest. Little B was not to interested in this activity so she gladly sat down by me and snacked away while the boys went to town!

The rest of the day played out in a frenzy of imaginative play! I pulled the kitchens and food out for the littles and they had a blast. Gage fed Little B some pretend hot dogs and Dennis ate some pretend potato chips. K took to the stove and started cooking up something or another. It made for a pleasant ending to a long, long day!
Well, here's to me feeling 100% tomorrow so we can have an activity packed Friday! Hope everyone has a great night!
Until tomorrow!


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