Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The End of 'A' Week usual.
This post is mostly just going to be the photos of the activities we did for 'A' week. I just want to get a quick update out there. I am going to make a conscious effort to make sure that on Friday I am putting out a weekly post. It will be a lot to write about but I hope you will still stick with us!
On Thursday I felt that the boys needed a big fun activity to balance out the learning we had been doing so I set up a few Gage's train tracks and cut a pool noodle in half and made them marble race tracks. They all had a blast and trying to get them away from them for lunch time was no easy task!

Getting back to our letter 'A' worksheets, I try to keep it at doing one writing and one coloring sheet per day. I don't want to overwhelm them! I let the boys glue their own letters down and they surprised me by following my directions wonderfully. They each patiently waited their turns!
 They got to get very creative using stamps, pom poms, pipe cleaners and bingo dotters on their Big A, Little a coloring sheets. It was wonderful to see what each little did with their individual pages.

At one point while the two younger boys napped I let the older boys make popsicle stick A's. First I made them make the letter 'A' all by themselves and once they had done it a few times we glued the sticks together.
Until Next time!

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