Friday, April 12, 2013

A Day Late!

I just have to give into the fact that I am not going to have the energy to blog at the end of the day!

We have one of those play kitchens that has a washer, dryer, and ironing board on one side and kitchen on the other. The kids are constantly putting food in the washer so I thought it would be fun if I made some felt clothes for them to actually "wash". After cutting out an outfit from each color of felt I have I then wrote a number on bottom as well as a shape. Now the clothes are multifunctional and the kids can match them by color, number, or shape. I feel like these will come in handy down the road.


 Ok our activities for the day! One of the first things R said to me when the got here was that he wanted to paint, so I obliged. I set them all up with a few various objects because as most of you know I am not a big fan of having them paint in traditional ways. They were each given a puzzle piece to use as a stamp, a toilet paper roll, half of a plastic egg, a brush, a car, a sponge, and a foam letter stamp. I then let them go to town to see what they came up with.
 Gage is a seasoned pro at this and had no issues utilizing all the items I gave him.
 I think R and X didn't quite understand that they could use whatever I put in front of them at first and I had to tell them that they could use more than one thing if they wanted.

 R decided that he really liked the octagon stamp and that was what he primarily used.
 X decided to sample a bit of all of it for his painting.

 Once all of the boys had tired of painting I pulled down our building bricks. These kept them busy for right around an hour, which was great for me because I have been trying to get some DIY done but don't have much down time to do that.
 They kept building towers up...
 and they would squeal with joy as they fell over. We did have a few instances where someone was hit by the falling bricks. They are made from cardboard so I suppose from the right height or angle this could hurt quite a bit. The bricks didn't exactly help me out in my mission to end the tattling, which is a really big issue we are having right now.
 Well as I am sure we all know children tire of one activity after they have been at it for a bit so I pulled out our rice sensory bin and set it up with an airport type theme. Gage has a bunch of different types of jet planes and helicopters so I put them in the bin with the airport, building, trees and people from his train set.
 Of course the first few minutes where full of questions from X and R. "What is this stuff?" "Is it sprinkles?" "Can I touch it?" You know your standard curious Littles questions.
 They would run their fingers through it and at first they didn't even pay much attention to the toys inside but just wanted to get a feel of the rice. That's what it's here for!

 By the time the boys had all finished with it, it looked like a huge catastrophic event had taken place. All the buildings, tree and people were flattened and in most cases covered completely by the rice. These bins are always a favorite for Gage and I really feel that X and R enjoyed it as well.
I know I said this with the glow bath but I am so excited about having Littles around after dark so that Gage can share in the fun of all the glow things we do. I pulled out our giant Lite Brite for the boys to play with. Another big hit! I always get so excited when they enjoy the things that I do with them.

 I am not entirely sure why the theme here was lines but it made them all happy that's for sure!
Once we had finished with the lite brite I took them outside to play with bubbles but my mixture didn't turn out right and so I had to scrap that whole idea rather quickly which was fine because at this point I had a couple of exhausted and defiant little boys on my hands!
The night ended like this:
I need to figure out a way to implement a nap time during the day for all of them, which is of course easier said then done but by the end of the day They tend to be crabby and don't listen to well. I am not sure yet what I am going to do about that. Trying to have a quiet time with them isn't working out to well either. I need to start a story time I think.
Anyway, today I only have K and we are going on a small trip so no blog tonight but tomorrow I will have X and R again and we are doing SCIENCE!!! Next week I am starting to do letter themed weeks where all or most of our activities will have to do with the letter of the week. We will do writing sheets, sensory boxes and so much more all with a theme of teaching the boys letters and letter sounds. This will be easy enough because all three of them know their letters but I want to work on recognition and eventually get them reading. All of this really means I need to get organized better and have my activities prepped in the morning before the boys get here. Fingers crossed that this all works out!
Until next time!

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