Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First day of Letter weeks!

Letter 'A'!
So we are just starting out on the adventure of alphabet weeks and just in time to get started we gain a new Little!
This is A. He is in the same age range as Gage, R and X so it is perfect and he is just as eager to learn as they are! I swear I am in love with my job. I get to teach these little ones things and Gage gets to socialize with children his age. I really can not wait until the time when I can go to school and get a degree I feel like teaching is something I have always loved and aspired to do especially with pre-school aged Littles!
 I wanted A to have a relatively easy first day or at least have the first half of it be laid back. We played outside for a while and they boys had a great time drawing on the wall in chalk.

 I played a match game with them. Gage has always loved match games it took A watching Gage make matches a couple of times but he grasped the concept nicely.

 Part of what I am doing with the boys for letter weeks is two worksheets a day as well as an activity that has to do or at least incorporates the letter of the week. I must not have photographed Gage and A working on their worksheets in the morning probably because I was very focused on making sure they had a good time! After they finished their worksheets I let them play with their shadows using the overhead projector. I think that had to have been the most fun activity they did all day!

 X and R joined us about the same time that A was leaving us so I set them down and had them do the worksheet that Gage and A had done earlier in the day while I was getting A set to go home. Once again I of course did not photograph them doing their worksheets
Luckily I remembered to grab my camera for our sensory bin! I took up all of the items I could find in our toys that started with the letter 'A'. We have a picture of an acorn, an airplane, and an apple. Their are also airplane toys, toy apples, toy animals and magnetic and wooden letter 'A's. Before I let the boys go to town playing in it I pointed to each object and asked them what they were. They didn't get to play until we went through all the toys in the bin. Once we finished going over them a couple of times, they were allowed to tear into the bin itself.

 They get so excited to learn new things and I just love it. X kept pulling out the letters and showing them to me to show me that they were the letter A!

 Gage loved showing me the cards and telling me what was on them.
 Our coloring page yesterday was A is for Apple Tree! The boys colored their trees however the wanted and then colored the apples.
 I put my tree up on the overhead for them to see and went over the colors I used for my tree with them. I then had them call out "Big A and little A as I pointed to them on my tree. I swear there are opportunities all over my house for these boys to practice their letters.

 Once they had finished coloring and I cut out the apples for them I let them each glue their own apples to their tree.

 Not wanting to bombard the boys with too much alphabet related activity for one day, I pulled out the Cars matching game for them to play. Gage and X were excited for this one R was not as enthusiastic so he just watched instead.

 X got so excited when he made a match.

 So did Gage but this is such a bad picture!
 No matter how much I tried to get these boys to just sit down and play for a minute they still just wanted to do learning activities. This makes what we do so much fun! Earlier in the day I had made some homemade color wheels for the boys. I used cardboard cut into circles and then colored on them. I also colored the end of clothespins so that they could match the colors. I wasn't sure if the boys would enjoy it or not but after I showed them how to do it and they each did it once on their own, they just wanted to take the pins off and do it again and again!

 Luckily I made three of these just in case they all wanted to do it at once. When they had finished with them Gage pointed out that they looked like suns! Then the other boys walked around showing off their "suns" as well.
 Since X and R haven't had a chance to see the bunny yet I thought a nice calm down activity would be for them to pet and try and feed the bunny.
 She was to nervous by all of the activity to eat though but they still had a great time getting to pet her. We asked them how she felt, is she soft? is she rough? things like that. Since they are Littles we had to explain a couple of times to be gentle with her but that is to be expected!

I know this one is kind of long and all over the place. Hopefully things run a little more smoothly today!
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Until next time!

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