Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY I have tried recently!

So over the last couple of weeks I haven't been updating here because things have been SO hectic around here. Two weeks ago we had a chicken pox scare with Gage so I wasn't watching kids for a few days and then last week Momma ended up in the hospital and had to be given medicine to avoid her going into pre-term labor.


Over the period of time that I didn't have any extra littles, I decided to take a stab at all the DIY things I had been putting off for a different day for Gage. Over the two day period I literally knocked out about 5 or so DIY's. I have not felt so accomplished in such a long time!

The first thing I set to doing was finally cutting some bath tub blocks out of the foam I had floating around here. I had a bunch of the small rectangle foam pieces as well as multiple 8x11 sheets of it as well. It made for a lot of different shapes!
While I had originally intended these to be a bath toy, I discovered how well they worked with our easels as well. Which means that all the Littles can play with them and not just Gage during bath time. He loves playing with them on the easel as well.

 Not only did I make standard shapes for them, I made Easter themed ones for our Easter bath:

The second task that I took on was making Gage some light table shapes. I used transparent colored binder dividers and some wooden shapes we had laying around as stencils. It was quite time consuming but well worth the time it took. Gage loves them as do I. I didn't use only your standard shapes, I used handprints, hearts, a train, and quite a bit more.
 These are great to use with the light table or just as is as well. The colors are bright and vibrant regardless.

On a recent trip to Goodwill, we found the Melissa & Doug wooden mailbox. It had one piece of mail and a stamp in it. For $5 though, I wasn't complaining. Instead I took to my felt and cut some mail out for him. They aren't as extravagant as the ones seen on Pinterest, as I was not in the mood to pull out the sewing machine and get to technical with it. Gage knows what they are and he loves them as they are. That is of course all that matters.

Another project that I saw floating around Pinterest that is geared towards learning and was Easter themed was this:

It is to help with letter recognition obviously. On Pinterest the letters were written with the upper case on one color and the lower case on another. Gage knows his letters, both big and small, very well so he would have been fine with that but I wanted him to do color matching as well so this has worked out wonderfully. I also plan on finding small enough objects that begin with each letter to put inside the eggs.
One thing that I do have here at home is colored sand for art projects. You know the kind that you use to fill up jars and make pretty little works of art? Yeah, we have like 6lbs of that stuff. Regardless, though I wanted to make some of my own because I had seen a recipe for it and wasn't sure if it would work or not. The results were quite wonderful.

 Home made moon dough: This one was easy and fun to make. 2 common ingredients that most people with Littles may have around the house, baby oil and flour.
One of my favorite DIY's so far is slime. We love playing with it. I was genuinely surprised by how Gage loved handling it because the consistency is not like anything he has played with before.


My last project that I am going to post about is the DIY play-doh. I have the cheap dollar store brand play dohs but they are terrible and small. After browsing Pinterest I found a recipe to make my own. Intrigued and having most every ingredient needed I decided to give it a try. I am in love with the outcome. Gage loves it, he has not ever played with play doh before now because I didn't let him play with the nasty dollar store ones.
One thing I will say about this recipe though is that it requires some cooking of the ingredients. That means that it is not a quick and easy DIY. It was very much worth the time spent though.

I had so much fun with these little projects and now that Momma is home on maternity leave I may try a few others that I have been wanting to.
I didn't link the recipes on here so if you would like to give them a try feel free to comment below and I will gladly email you links for what you request.
As always thank you so much for reading!
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