Monday, April 15, 2013

Science Saturday!

I am aware that it is Monday!
On Saturday's I have X and R so this past Saturday I made all about science! They were all thrilled. Gage always loves when I pull out science projects and I love that these two were so excited by it that they were already asking for more science today. I had to tell them that it will be a once a week thing! Supplies for that stuff can get costly!
Anyway, as always I found my ideas on Pinterest.
First I made "Magic Rocks" for them before they got here. It is two ingredients, baking soda and water. I made them into balls and put little gems inside of them as a surprise for the Littles.
After I had refrigerated them for the morning, we were ready to play. I put bowls of vinegar in front of the boys and then explained to them what we were going to do.

 When we dropped them into the vinegar they erupted turning the vinegar blue from the food coloring and after quite some time all that was left was the treasure inside.

 They each took turns and I don't think it mattered how many times they saw it they still wanted more.

 Mommy didn't think this part through and let Gage drop the rock in causing quite the mess. Luckily I was able to move the glass into the bowl quick enough that it caught most of the overflow!

 Look how excited they are!

 As the boys dropped the last rock into the "water" they still wanted more. They literally asked if I would make some more. Definitely putting this one down as a success and a must try again!
 Wanting to do something that is educational with them our second project was about primary and secondary colors.
 I used corn syrup and food coloring for this one. Each boy got a bag with two colors. Gage was given blue and yellow, R was given yellow and red and X was given red and blue.
 First I had them name off the colors I had put into the bag to make sure they were gaining something from the process. As they took turns messaging the colors together in their bags they were in awe by the color change. Once the color had started to change and I asked them the new colors I was told yellow, green and blue. They weren't wrong! The middle section of the bag had mixed but the outsides still remained the same.

 I think with this one they had the most fun mixing the colors. Trying to pry the bags from them to avoid breaking them and making a mess was not an easy task!
I hope you enjoyed Science Saturday. It won't be on Saturday anymore though our new Little is the same age as the other boys and as into what we do as they are as well so I am probably going to do it on Thursdays but we will have to see.
Hopefully tomorrow morning I will feel up to posting about our first day of letter weeks. That will be a fun one to write as the boys are all excited to learn.
Until next time!

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