Friday, September 5, 2014

Our First Couple Weeks

We are in week 2 of Homeschooling.

Since I am the worlds biggest procrastinator, this post is going to be full of our activities over the last couple weeks. 

In week 1 we read The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 
One of the activities we had to go along with it was a puppet show. We have never done anything like this with G before so it was great to see how well he retained the story and was able to re-tell it using the puppets.

He made us do the puppet show multiple times. Sometimes he was the goats and I was the troll, other times I was the goats and he was the troll. His retention of the story honestly impressed me!

One of our science activities for week 1 was discussing what scientists do. We talked about the scientific method and then to better understand observation, we went outside and "observed". 

He took his magnifying glass as well as a back pack to store things we found in. First we listened to the noises around us. Being in a small town and farther out of town means nothing but nature sounds with the occasional car. Nothing we could have experienced at our old house in the middle of a city. 

We heard chickens, horses, birds, cicadas, and the wind through the trees. Using his magnifying glass he hunted down quite a few really neat rocks. He also collected 6 pine cones. Once we got back in the house we talked about what we had observed. He loved it!

He loved what came next even more though. Using the pine cones we'd collected, we made a bird feeder. 

Once it was complete he used the magnifying glass, which is slowly becoming his favorite tool, to see even closer into all the things we put on the feeder. 
 Then we put it in the front yard.

This week we talked about community. 
As our art project we made a helping hands wreath. We even got Baby K in on the fun and let me tell you tracing his hand was not the easiest task to achieve! He was happy to participate none the less though. 

Before gluing the hands to the base we discussed how we could lend a helping hand. We discussed what chores he does around the house to help us out and we discussed what he can do for his community to be a good helper. We talked about how he could keep the neighborhood and parks clean by picking up trash he sees as well as donating toys and clothes he no longer uses to those who are less fortunate than him. 

Then he set to gluing.

 He was so proud to have it hanging in the dining room and he had enjoyed doing it so much he asked to make another one! We will leave that for another day though.

To better explain measuring to G we had him help Momma make cookies. He was so excited to help. He got to help add the ingredients.

He then got to help mix the dough.
 Baby K wanted to help as well so we set him up with his own bowl (of water) and spoon. 

Since we had time while the cookies were baking, we introduced Baby K to his first sensory material. 

This has long been a favorite of G's but we weren't sure how Baby K would handle it. I was almost certain it would go straight in his mouth, but don't worry it's non-toxic!

Surprisingly enough he didn't once try and put it in his mouth until Momma mentioned eating in regards to the cookies!

 Baby K enjoyed every second of snow play. 

While G built a snow covered farm and discussed how many farm animals he wants us to have soon, Baby K just wanted to continuously drizzle the snow on his legs. 

He was even more excited when Momma started making it snow on his head!
Which of course meant G needed in on it as well!

 Then G made it snow for himself. 

 Look at that face! I think Baby K's first sensory experience was a success! He loved it. 

Do you use sensory materials in your homeschool? What are some of your favorite materials?

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