Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tomorrow is...

Tomorrow is G's first day of school! 

We have had a pretty hectic summer! We moved to a new house in a new town. We are no longer in the city and are looking forward to beginning our homesteading journey, but that's not why you are here! 
In this amazing new house of ours we are fortunate enough to have a HUGE playroom AND an extra bedroom which has been deemed our classroom. Most may not understand just how excited this makes me but let me tell you, I am more excited than baby K when he realizes we turned Frozen on for him! (That is pretty dang excited!)

Having a designated classroom will help G stay focused on the task at hand without the distraction of a T.V. or his brother playing/bothering him. 

This is what our classroom currently looks like but take into consideration that it is a work in progress!

This picture shows what will be his main learning area, with his desk and resources. On the wall under the window are our day starters. Each sleeve has a different activity that he will sit down and complete after Calendar Time.

On this side of the room is our Calendar area. I haven't completed it yet but I'm in the process of making letters to go above the calendar that say "Today is...". There is also a thermometer print out next to the calendar and I am getting an actual not digital (so analog?) thermometer that we will put outside. He will check what the one outside says and then fill in the one on the wall. I also intend to put up a complete "The weather outside is..." area on this wall which we will complete when we first walk through the door. 

On the bookshelves seen here, the one facing us has a bunch of sensory/science/art materials on it. The one that isn't facing us has binders full of worksheets and resources on it. 

On the wall which would be on your right facing like the photo above, is where our sensory table is but that can be pulled out to use this wall when we do things with our overhead projector. 

It is all about utilizing this small-ish space completely without seeming like we are cluttered or cramped. 

I have been asked a few times about what grade G is in. He is almost 5, this would put him in Pre-K due to the birthday cut off, however based on what he knows I put him between Pre-K and first grade. He knows quite a bit already that is taught in first grade. I have been "scolded" for "schooling" him before age 7 before but I can honestly say that I have not forced him to learn like we do. He constantly asks if we can learn to read, or if we can do math. The way I see it, why shouldn't I encourage and go with this attitude and love of learning something new! I feel like homeschooling allows us to do this in a relaxed setting where he won't be forced to learn more than he is ready to take in. If he wants to get started early well sure son we can get started early. 

Are you a homeschooler? What do you enjoy most about your kiddo's schooling, whether homeschooled or not? 

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