Monday, September 16, 2013

"Homeschooling" age 3

Gage has always had a want to learn new things, I honestly hope that it won't fade. I am not sure if it has to do with the fact that from a young age he was learning sign language and watching learning shows or what but I am definitely proud of it.
As far as his education goes, I am not leaving it in the hands of the school district. I will be homeschooling both boys. Since Gage is only 3 I am starting him off with an unstructured environment. We are going to learn through living if that makes sense. This means we will be doing a lot of hands on activities. He will learn through games and activities. I want him to enjoy it and have fun doing it.
With X and R being back with us Gage has even more fun learning. Luckily they are all roughly on the same level. Last week we pulled out the file folder games again. I have games for all subjects and they are mostly adaptable to all ages.

We have games that teach shapes and shape sorting.
Games that teach counting like this one where you have to put buttons in buckets.
 Farm animal counting.

 Letter matching uppercase with lowercase.

 On the more structured side of our learning routine, I recently got The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. A lot of this is stuff Gage already knows but makes for a good review. It also has a section to teach vowel pairs and sight words. I definitely feel like this is going to be an awesome resource to help teach Gage how to read and am so excited to get farther into it.

With so many curriculum options out there it is hard to find one that I think I am going to absolutely love. What makes it even harder for us is that it seems so many curriculums have a bible study section to them. I don't want to pay for something we won't use so I may end up having to pay slightly more for the curriculum we choose down the road. Luckily as of right now we are sticking to non-structured learning.
Here is a link to
We got the PDF version and use it on our iPad but I believe there is a paper version you can buy as well.
I will periodically post updates on how it is working out for us.

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